Comfort Zone is a leading Italian company in the field of development and production of skincare products and treatments. Our mission is to combine the best of science and nature by offering the highest quality products with results oriented treatments.

Comfort Zone appeals to all and offers the ultimate salon experience.



Hydramemory - 24hr deep hydrating treatment 60 mins

A deeply hydrating treatment to improve moisture levels in the skin. Hibiscus and honey work to retain moisture in the skin whilst the special ingredient trehalose taken from a desert plant works to increase the moisture and leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

Hydramemory £26.00 

Mini Hydramemory £20.00


Skin Resonance - rebalancing treatment developed to rebalance and

strengthen sensitive skins 60 mins

A treatment developed to rebalance and strengthen sensitive skins. This treatment not only cools and calms but reduces any irritation within the skin.

Skin resonance £26.00



Active Pureness Rebalancing - deep purifying treatment 60 mins

Deep cleansing treatment recommended for oily or combination skins; extracts of sage, balm mint and orange fruit water deeply cleanse and leave skin feeling fresh and restored.

Active pureness rebalancing £30.00


Renew and Nourish

Man Space

Hydra Performance Facial - rehydration treatment for men 60 mins

Perfectly restores moisture levels to the skin with the use of active ingredients such as Swiss glacial water. Ideal for frequent flyers or skin that is exposed to extreme temperatures and environmental stress.

Hydra performance facial £26.00


Pure Performance Facial - active purification treatment 60 mins

Removes impurities whilst rebalancing oily areas. This deep cleansing treatment leaves the skin with a perfectly matte finish.

Pure performance facial £30.00

Please call to discuss if you are interested in an anti-age performance facial.